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Automate data flow

Your data is most valuable when it’s working for you. With Tables, you can easily store, move, and take action on your data so you can move your work forward faster.

Table of leads integrated with a contact form and automations for sending an outbound email, adding contact to HubSpot, and notifying reps in Slack

Get started quickly and easily (and for free)

Set up your database in just a few clicks. Import a CSV or build a table from scratch, then instantly start collecting the data you need.

Make changes without disrupting your operations

Tables is built to be automated. That means you can move, edit, and update your tables without ever breaking your workflows.

Connect your data to any of your apps

Connect your data across 7,000+ apps, giving you one central tool to fully manage and automate your data.

Zapier is trusted by over 2.2 million companies worldwide

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Processes you can streamline with Tables


Collect and enrich leads your way

Take control over how and when to follow up with your leads. Store leads in a table and, from there, automatically send them personalized emails.


Add an approval step to your workflows

No more cobbling together documents and forms just to approve a request. Set up a seamless approval process in Zapier for anything from expenses, to technology access, to time off.


Scale your onboarding process

Automate personalized tasks and communications to ensure everyone, from new employees to new clients, receives a seamless onboarding experience.

Why use Tables instead of a spreadsheet?

Consolidate and source data from other apps

With automation powering your database, you can instantly gather and consolidate data from multiple sources. Fewer steps, less mess.

Take immediate action on your data

While spreadsheets are ideal for managing basic financial data, Zapier Tables is a flexible database built for automation. It's the best place to store and move data to immediately take action on leads or tasks.

Complete control every step of the way

With your database and Zaps working in sync, you'll have full visibility over your workflows from start to finish.

One platform to automate it all

You can pair Tables with Zapier Interfaces—our no-code app builder—to collect, manage, and automate data in a single platform.

Tables product icon

Tables templates to help you get started

Request approvals

Easily approve or reject requests and send automatic messages to the requester.

Track and manage leads

Simply track your sales leads, send custom emails, and close more deals.

Manage your expenses

Track expenses for your reports and email them to your team for reimbursement—all from one table.

Create a lookup table

Effortlessly match corresponding data between apps in a workflow.

Add contacts to a list

Capture contacts and send them emails automatically from one table.

Manage your projects

Keep your project on track and your team informed—all from one table.

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“For me, Zapier was originally the glue to hold all of the pieces together. Now, with new releases like Tables and Interfaces, Zapier is transforming to be the whole toolbox.”

—Dan Dorato-Hankins, Chief Technology Officer at Vector Media

Build with a suite of automation-first tools

Most platforms aren’t designed for automation—but Zapier is. Our suite of tools is what you need to grow your business today and tomorrow.

Collect data with Interfaces

Design simple forms, pages, and apps for any situation—giving your customers or teammates more ways to trigger your workflows.

dashboard of Interface tiles

Automate workflows with Zaps

Make your tools work harder for you. Build automated workflows using triggers and actions and over 7,000 apps.

zapier dashboard showing workflows

Diagram your workflows with Canvas


Plan and diagram business-critical processes, then optimize them with AI—all in one place.

dashboard of Canvas showing a lead management workflow


minus iconHow can I try Tables?

If you have a Zapier account, simply log in to your account to get started with Tables for free. 

Don't have an account yet? Sign up for free.

minus iconWhat is Tables?

Zapier Tables is a connected database purpose-built for automation. It integrates directly with 7,000+ apps and is designed to help you act on your data.

minus iconWill Tables replace spreadsheets or other database tools?

Tables could replace your spreadsheets and other database tools in some cases. Traditional spreadsheets are designed to manage quantitative data, and other databases are built to retrieve and manipulate data. But Tables is a central hub to collect and merge data from different sources. This ensures all your data, whether it’s a lead or a task, is immediately actionable.

minus iconWho should use Zapier Tables?

Zapier Tables is perfect for builders who want to import, enrich, review, approve, and push their data into one of our 7,000+ integrations. It’s the best way to build data storage into your business workflows with the power of the Zapier automation platform.

minus iconIs Zapier Tables integrated with AI?

Yes! Zapier Tables integrates with apps like OpenAI, Anthropic, and any other app in our ecosystem. We also offer native functionality that allows you to connect your OpenAI account and create AI-powered fields.

minus iconHow does the approval “button” functionality work?

We offer the ability to add a button to a record in your table, which you can then connect to your Zap. When this is set up, you can manually “trigger” your automation with a click of a button. That way, it's easy to launch your Zaps right from your tables.

minus iconHow reliable is Zapier Tables?

We built Zapier Tables to be the most reliable and integrated database product to use with Zaps. We used years of customer data and feedback to build an unbreakable workflow product.

minus iconHow many records can I store in a table? Can I store more than 100,000 records in a table?

Yes! Currently, you can store up to 500,000 records in a table.

minus iconWhat is available on Tables Premium and Advanced?

Our Premium plan ($20/month) allows builders to create 20 tables, build views, and store up to 100,000 records in a single Table. You can also connect your OpenAI account to easily enrich and manipulate your data with AI. Our Advanced plan ($100/month) offers builders the ability to create 50 tables, with up to 500,000 records per table.

minus iconHow much does it cost to import data into a table with my Zaps?

Nothing at all! We don’t charge for tasks when you import your data into Zapier Tables. You can manually import your data with a .CSV file, or use Zaps to import your data into a table. Either way, there is no extra cost for you.

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